Where is The Activity Page On TEMU? - (2024) Detailed Answer

Where is The Activity Page On TEMU? – (2024) Detailed Answer

Are you curious to know what the Activity Page on Temu is and where it is? You are in the right place. After reading this short article, you will be able to find your Activity Page on Temu.

TEMU is a New Digital e-commerce marketplace that is known for its affordable quality products at cheap prices. Temu is growing quickly with the initiative to make shopping easy for everyone. It is not just a shopping platform but also a way to earn  money by using referral codes and joining their programs.

Today you are here to know “How to find the activity page on TEMU or Where is the activity page on TEMU”. The Activity Page on Temu is a new feature that many Temu users are talking about. Let’s Find exactly where it is on Temu.

What Is The Activity Page On TEMU?

The Activity Page on Temu is a feature that shows what’s happening on the platform and it is a useful feature for tracking your actions and recent activities on Temu. It displays various activities, such as redeemed discount codes and completed tasks. This page has become more popular lately because it keeps you informed about your Temu account activity.

Where Is The Activity Page On TEMU?

Sometimes people are curious to know what they have recently done on Temu. The Activity page is the best option for those who want to see their recent activities on Temu. In order to reach your activity page on TEMU you have to follow these easy steps:

1.Make sure that you have installed the Temu App on your device. Open the Temu App and create your account, if not then you can also sign up using your Google or Facebook account (assuming you already have them on your device)

2.Now you have officially landed on Temu App. Here you can see 200+ categories of products. But Look for the Profile icon located at the bottom of the homepage and click on it 

3.After opening profile option, Scroll down a little  and you will come across the Activity section.

4.By Clicking on the “Activity or Activities” option (Tap on the Activity Tab at bottom ), you can see a list of all the things you’ve done on Temu.

Now you can review your recent activities on Temu. The Activity Page is a valuable feature that allows users to engage with the platform and track their past interactions. Temu consistently strives to ensure users have an enjoyable experience.

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What Are Activities On Activity Page?

Your activity page on TEMU will track your activities, the main purpose of this page is to provide a snapshot of user engagement and interactions on the platform. Here are some common activities that are typically found on the Activity Page on Temu.

1.Redeemed Discount Codes: It shows about all discount codes you’ve used.

2.Completed Tasks: You can see what kind of tasks you’ve done on Temu.

3.Points Earned: It displays the points you’ve accumulated through your activities.

4.Referral Bonuses: Information about any referral bonuses you’ve received.

5.Posts Liked: It shows the posts you’ve liked on Temu.

6.Users Followed: Information about the users you’ve chosen to follow.

it is also possible to change the settings of the activity page on Temu App (You can set it up just how you like by changing the settings). If you want to clear your activity page, clear your activity history. However, the option to export your activity history is available at the activity page on Temu.

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In conclusion, the Activity Page on Temu is a fantastic feature that keeps you updated on all your actions on the platform. This includes all the activities that you do on Temu. The Activity Page helps you see your recent activities and tasks that you have done on TEMU. No need to worry about how to find the Activity Page on Temu.

By following the steps mentioned in this article, we hope that you will not get any problem in following these steps. We hope this short article will help you in finding the Activity page on Temu App. EXPLORE MORE!


What is the activity page on Temu?

The Activity Page on Temu is a fantastic feature that displays and tracks users’ recent interactions and engagements on the platform.

Where is the activity page on Temu?

You can easily reach the activity page on Temu App. Open the Temu app, tap the profile option at the bottom, scroll down, and find the “Activity” or “Activities” option. Click to access your activity page on Temu.

Can I Earn Rewards on Temu?

Yes, Temu offers a variety of ways to earn points (can be redeemed for rewards), including playing games, using referral codes, and enjoying free spins. This makes the experience more engaging and rewarding for users. 

Can I Clear the Activity Page on Temu?

Yes, you can easily clear your activities history on Temu. You can also change the settings of the activity page on Temu.

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