Temu Urge Shipment Meaning - Everything You Need To Know

Temu Urge Shipment | Meaning Explained – All You Need To Know!

We appreciate your patience for getting the correct meaning of “Temu Urge Shipment”. But no more, this article will clear your doubts related to “Urge Shipment on Temu”. 

TEMU is a New online marketplace that was founded in July 2022, It is based in Boston in the United States but Owned by Chinese PDD Holdings Company. Temu is known for its quality products at cheap prices and most of its products are directly shipped from China to customer’s doorstep. 

Temu usually ships packages from China to the country where the customer is living and this interval normally takes 7 to 15 Business days. We know that waiting for any order is very difficult for customers, because they paid for it in advance. Therefore Temu gives the option of Urge Shipment on all orders. Let’s discuss it.

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What Is Meant By “Urge Shipment” On Temu?

Temu Says That, “If any customer wants to get the fast delivery of its product, then they can avail this feature on Temu without any fee and this option is free and it is available on all orders”.

When you shop on Temu, Temu gives you two options for shipping of your product one of them is Free and most utilize Standard Shipping. Free Standard shipping is free for all products with a $0 fee. Standard Shipping usually takes 12 to 22 days to reach you. Another one is Express Shipping, it usually takes 5 to 12 days to reach you. It is not at all free, but free for all products with cost more than $129 and with the fee of $12.90 for products with the cost less than $129.

No matter, whether you choose standard shipping or Express shipping, you can avail the feature by just selecting the Urge Shipment option for your order. You are allowed to choose Urge shipment for any order no matter what its size.

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What Happens After Choosing Urge Shipment On Temu?

Basically Urge Shipment is a free service on Temu, It aims to speedup the delivery process of any product. When you select Urge Shipment, Temu will pay more attention to your order and it will throw your order in the speedy process.

If you are getting more excited about your package and want to get it before its standard time then smile this option is especially for you.

Temu Urge Shipment Meaning | MeetQuerry.com

So do not waste your time and just tap on Urge Shipment if you want to get it soon.

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Instructions To Follow

Here are some instructions for you that we are going to mention here, with the hope of implementation.

  • Remember to check that you are meeting the requirements from Temu like, For Free Express Shipping Order total must be more than $129, if total is less You have a submit fee of $12.90.
  • You can only cancel your order when it is not packed but if it is packed and on its way towards customer’s home, then sorry you are not able to cancel it. However there are options of price Adjustment and Return on Temu.
  • Temu Urge Shipment is free as there is no Extra charges for this service, It is guarantee that  your order will ship soon than regular shipping time.
  • If your order is getting late, contact Temu customer’s support and share your order number with them. They will assist you better.
  • If you are satisfied with this free service from Temu. In this situation Temu gives you the option to cancel your Urge Shipment Temu.

In this Article, we clear all doubts related to Urge Shipment on Temu, But if you have any little query you can also read our conclusion box and FAQs related to Temu Urge Shipment, Otherwise you can contact with Temu’s customer support for more information, hope they will assist you better.

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In Simple Terms, Urge Shipment means that, if you want to get your order sooner than regular shipping time, then this option is especially made for you to avail. In this process Temu will see your number and speedup the delivery process of your order.

What are you waiting for? Go and ask Temu for Urge Shipment of your all orders. EXPLORE MORE!


Is Temu shipping Free?

Yes, Temu offers free standard shipping on all orders. Express Shipping is also avaiable on Temu with an additional fee of $12.90.

How Much Temu Shippng Cost?

Temu offers free Standard shipping for all orders but there is also option Express Shipping With Fee of $12.90 on all orders less than $129. Express Shipping is fast and takes less time to deliver your package. Both of these options are available at checkout. You can select one of them.

How Long Does Temu Take To ship?

Temu usually takes 7 to 15 business days some time more. It depends upon the shipping types Free Standard or Express shipping. ExpressShipping is fast and takes less time then Free shipping with extra charges of $12.90.

Why is Temu shipping so Slow?

Almost all products on Temu are directly shipped from China to the US, this distance difference may take a while. Shipping of product depends upon the Company that the seller has chosen to ship products to customers. If you are getting it slow you also have the option of Temu Urge Shipment.

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