How To Sell on Temu? – Everything You Need To Know

How To Sell on Temu? – Everything You Need To Know

Temu is a new online marketplace where sellers sell affordable products and ship them directly from China to the United States. Temu is owned by Chinese PDD Holdings company, but it is based in Boston (In the United States). Temu was founded in July, 2022 but launched in the US in September,2022. Now it is present in the hearts of 100 Million+ users with the rating of 4.2 (1.84 Million Reviews). 

Temu reaches and allows only those sellers who want to sell quality products at bearable prices and also appreciate and promote them for making shopping more easy for people. 

If you want to change your life with e-commerce world so TEMU is good place for you to start as it is new and growing very fast. In this article we will provide you with a strategic and legal way for selling products on Temu. Keep your eyes on each step and start selling today on Temu. 

How To Sell On Temu?

TEMU is looking for and appreciates those sellers who want to bring more affordable products to customers. Create Your account on Temu NOW! And Know and list your products and manage and engage your customers.

1.Create Seller Account:

Signup for a seller account and register as a new merchant on Temu Platform. Provide your all necessary and legal information like contact information, address and bank details.

2.List Your Products:

After creating an account, List your products, provide proper title and description of each item with high quality images. Optimize your all products very well in order to increase their search visibility. 

Your sales depend upon the quality and position of your products in search results.

 3.Payment and Shipping Preferences:

Start by setting up your preferred payment methods and link them with your bank account. Remember to utilize payment methods that Temu accepts.

Next, configure your shipping preferences by setting clear rates and delivery times, taking advantage of any integrated shipping services available. Read shipping info and policies on Temu before proceeding with it.

4.Manage Your Orders:

Regularly update all products and walk with trends, because Temu prefers what customers want, not what you have for selling, so manage your items in a good way and help customers by responding quickly and solving their doubts.

More you will satisfy customers and complete their demands , the more Temu will promote you. Your management process must be a streamline. It will help you to manage your order easily.

If you are convinced to sell with Temu, then create your seller account now and wait for its approval, once it is approved, list your products and optimize them. 

Give priority to your customers by perfectly handling returns and refunds. Ship products on time by selecting best delivery company in order to increase seller ratings. 

How To Become A Best Seller On Temu?

In order to become a successful and bestseller on Temu You have to works hard, but if once you become, Temu will make your life easy, keep yourself updated with Temu updates and serve those products that customers in actual want. 

Present your product’s discipline in order to get customer attention. Here are some tips from a few of my relative sellers all over the world. Follow them if you want to be a successful seller.

1.Always choose a unique product after researching and reading customers’ reviews about it. Choose those products that are in demand and people want to buy them.

2.Create well structured product listings with clear titles, detailed descriptions, and high quality images. Make your products stand out by highlighting their unique features.

3.Set prices that are competitive in the market. Consider factors like production costs, competitor pricing, and perceived value to buyers.

4.Offer promotions or discounts on your products to increase its search visibility.

5.Maintain your consistency in order fulfilment and communication with customers in order to become a successful seller on Temu.

6.Always choose a fast delivery service in order to ship products on time, without thinking of getting late.

7.Always satisfy your customers with your skills and make them leave positive reviews about sellers. These reviews will help you to grow on Temu.

8:Resond very quickly to customers questions and doubts and provide them helpful and accurate information.

9.Remember to Keep your inventory updated regularly to avoid overselling or running out of stock. 

10. Always remain in search of unique and new products that people want to buy and keep prices as low as you can afford.

In order to become a successful seller on Temu you have to stay updated with Temu policies, always try to serve something different while training within Temu’s terms and conditions and remain friendly with customers and assist them to leave positive reviews.

Shipping is important for all customers, remember to ship products within a time that you have provided and select trusted and fast shipping companies. Start selling if you think that you can afford returns and refunds. Always try to make shopping easy and keep prices low if you want to become a bestseller on Temu.

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How To Sell on Temu? – Everything You Need To Know

Avoid Selling Prohibited Products

Sellers are not allowed to sell any product that is restricted or banned by any organization or law. Research on products and select those products selling that are friendly with Temu’s Policies. Here is an updated list of prohibited products on Temu.

1.Animal Products
2.Couterfiet Products (Currency)
3.Dangerous and Unsafe Items
4.Distasteful Content 
5.Fresh Food and Beverage
6.Drugs and its related items
7.Plants (Living Things)
8.Weapons and Firearms
9.Industrial Safe Equipment
10.Logo, ID Cards, Seals, etc.
11.Recalled Items
12.Sexual Services and Pornography Content
Avoid Selling Prohibited Products

It also includes those items that violate laws and privacy of any organization. Temu does not allow anyone to sell those items that violate Temu’s policies. If Temu detects any prohibited and unsafe item, it will take action by removing the listing, Because Temu gives priority to the safety of its customers.


In final words, Now you cannot say that no one guides you completely, In this article we have guided you completely. How you can sell on Temu. Now you have a guide, the only thing you need is your focus. Create your seller account on Temu now, List your products after proper research and make sure that they are within Temu’s policies.

Use all tips that we have given as a bonus from experienced sellers for  beginners, start following them if you want to grow your business with Temu. Follow our guide and Start today for your Bright future. EXPLORE MORE!

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How can I sell on Temu?

Temu is a new online marketplace and revolution in the world of e-commerce You can easily sell your selected products on Temu after research. Just “create your seller account on Temu”, “List your products” and “manage your customers and orders”.

Is creating a seller account on Temu is Free?

Yes, it is totally free, you can create your seller account on Temu for free.

How can I select a product for Temu?

You can easily select products for selling on Temu, after creating a seller account you have access to product research  and more features. But remember to select your product with Temu’s policies.

Can I Sell Food on Temu?

NO, Temu does not allow you to sell fresh food on Temu, You can check the list of prohibited products on Temu.

Why did Temu remove my products listing?

Temu does allow anyone to cross its policies and to sell prohibited products. If Temu determines that an item is unfit for sale, temu may remove listing.

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